Russian Fairytale Museum


This museum in St. Petersburg is like a big kid’s toy. It resides in the territory of Kaliningrad to Vladivostok. With a scale of 1:87, this museum is truly a wonderland for anyone to witness.

Cosplay in Gorky Park


Gorky Park in Moscow decided to hold it’s own cosplay competition.

Zombie Walk St. Petersburg 2013


Zombie enthusiasts gathered again in St. Petersburg for the annual zombie walk. The zombies growled and stumbled down the streets just like I envision the apocalypse!

Fallout Russia


Fans of the immensely popular game, Fallout, have taken their love of game to real life. Every year these Russians get together an role-play their favorite game.

Russian Clubs 2


Taking a look inside the intricate workings of a Russian club will prove people just like having fun.

Lifting Champion Aya Antipova


Russian Aya Antipova is the power lifting champion of the world in the weight class up to 52 kg (115 lbs).

Mail Order Brides


A mail-order bride is a woman who lists herself for marriage. These beautiful ladies hail from Eastern Europe and Russia in search of their dream Westerner.

Russian Girls 3


These girls were found on Russian social networking sites to show off their looks. Some of them are beautiful, but others just ridiculous.

Russian Clubs


Taking a look inside the intricate workings of a Russian club will prove people just like having fun.

Burnt Matchstick Art


Matchsticks can hardly be seen as art, but 30-year old, Russian artist Stanislav Aristov bent some while they burned and snapped photos with a macro lens and lights.

The Soviet Era Nostalgia


These things are all from the Soviet Union Era.

Rich Russian Homes


Russians that have accumulated vast wealth know how to live in style.

Largest Submarine in the World


The Project 941 or Akula, Russian “Акула” (“Shark”) class submarine is a type of nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine deployed by the Soviet Navy in the 1980s. With a submerged displacement of 48,000 tons, the Typhoons are the largest class of submarine ever built. Large enough to accommodate decent living facilities for the crew when submerged …

First Born Liliger


Kiara is the first ever Liliger Cat in the world. Her dad is an African lion and mother is a liger (cross between a lion and a tiger). She was born in a Russian zoo and was raised in a normal house as a house cat.

Russian Silent Hill


This abandoned recreation area used to be a place for summer camps, filled with pine forests, clean air, animals, and the Irtysh River. Chernoluchye is now desolate and reminiscent of Silent Hill.

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