Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week


Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is a series of international fashion weeks sponsored by Mercedes-Benz and produced by IMG. Notable Mercedes-Benz Fashion Weeks include events in Berlin, Australia, Miami, Russia, Istanbul, Mexico, and “Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New York,” held during New York Fashion Week. …


Samantha Lee’s Breakfast Art


Samantha Lee is a very creative mother of two who makes intricate patterns when preparing breakfast for children. “I COOK . I SHOOT . KIDS EAT – I make food that tell a story”. …


Massive Game Collection on eBay


There was a rather impressive game and console collection posted on eBay. Having collected for over 30 years, the majority in excellent condition and only about 10% in bad shape. Auction listed at $550,000. …


Fanny Francois – Huit Photoshoot


UK model Fanny Francois looks stunning in this “Huit” Bikini and Lingerie Photoshoot. …


National Geographic Travel Contest


The 26th annual National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest submission period has closed. Over 18,000 stunning travel photographs were entered. …


Random Pics 164


Get your dose of randomness from the vast interwebs. …


Topless Holiday Trend


Three bold students have sparked a topless holiday photo craze around the world. Brits Olivia Edginton, 20, Lydia Buckler, 21, and Norwegian Ingvild Marstein Olsen, 20, have won thousands of fans across the world with ‘The Topless Tour’ project. They’ve inspired scores of people around the world to bare it all online as they go on vacations. Explaining the concept, Olivia, from Manchester, said: “The Topless Tour is the opening of your bare chest and heart to the world. …


Boryeong Mud Festival


The Boryeong Mud Festival is an annual festival which takes place during the summer in Boryeong, a town around 200 km south of Seoul, South Korea. The first Mud Festival was staged in 1998 and, by 2007, the festival attracted 2.2 million visitors to Boryeong. …


Sara Jean Underwood GIFs


[NSFW] Sara Jean Underwood is an American model and actress who was chosen as the Playmate of the Month for the July 2006 issue of Playboy magazine and later became Playmate of the Year in 2007. She is a former host of Attack of the Show! on G4. She’s even hotter in motion! …


La Tomatina Tomato Fight


La Tomatina is a festival that is held in the Valencian town of Buñol, a town located 30 km from the Mediterranean, in which participants throw tomatoes and get involved in this tomato fight purely for fun. It is held on the last Wednesday of August, during the week of festivities of Buñol. …


Chinese Farmer Builds Transformers


A Shandong farmer has capitalised on the popularity of Transformers by making life-sized models from old car parts based on characters in the film series that he sells for as much as $125,630 each. Liu Xianhui, 45, a part-time welder only a year ago, has now opened a workshop where he and 11 other workers assemble robot models full-time. …


Digital Art by Charlie Bowater


Charlie Bowater is a Concept Artist by day and a general drawer of stuff the rest of the time. With vivid colors and amazing details, the pictures come to life. …


Valerie van der Graaf


Valerie van der Graaf’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2014 photo shoot in Brazil. She is a stunningly beautiful Dutch model who has appeared in Vogue and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. …


Seven Days of Garbage


Photographer Gregg Segal photographed people of all ages and backgrounds in his garden in three different settings: water, beach and forest. Surrounded only by a week’s worth of their rubbish, in Pasadena, California. The subjects were asked to collect and store their rubbish for a week. If you’ve never thought about how much rubbish you throw away then this is an unforgettable reminder of the amount of waste a human collects in just seven days. …


Schick Beard Ad


Schick razor decided it was a good time to launch a campaign under the slogan “Free your skin”. For advertising posters show rodents on three men’s beards, including six ferrets and rabbits nine different colors. …


Personal Home Theaters


Some people like to go to the theater to watch movies, while others like to bring the theater to their house. These movie-lovers created their own perfect viewing environment. …


Fitness Girls 6


Here’s some motivation to get off your butt and exercise to stay fit and healthy! These girls make it look so easy. …


The Oasis Motor Home


The “Oasis” is a one-of-a-kind motor home costing just over $2 million. It blends all the luxuries of a home with wheels. It’s the first of it’s kind to integrate an entertainment center in the slide-out room for premier viewing and to maximize basement storage. There is also an extendable L-shaped sofa, real hardwood cabinetry and granite-lite counters. …


Random Facts


Exercise your brain with these fun facts about our species. Some are quite interesting! …


Biddy the Traveling Hedgehog


Biddy and his personal photographer document each new location with a picture. This little guy sure goes to some cool places! …


Star Wars Car Wash


Attack of the Show partnered up with 501st Legion for a charity car wash to benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Yup, that meant Sara Underwood and a team of slave Leias rinsing and lathering dirty vehicles, all for community service! …

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